Progressive in Media


Experience in performing technical work and building various applications used by multiple broadcasters.

Set construction

Building from own workshop sets and props.


If something doesn't exist yet, it can be made.

AV support

Audio and video support for radio and tv.

Live streaming

Live streaming events, seminars and anything with video.

Video automation

Automate your video environment to the limit, in a user-friendly way.

Sale / Rental

Various audio/video equipment for sale or rent.

Visual Radio

Experience in running and building Visual Radio


Supplier and dealer of various brands.


Some applications that are in use and used daily in production.

Management system

A flexible management system for creating and distributing content to different platforms.

Also usable for:
Newsroom, narrowcasting, content management systeem.


Live trafficinformation

The distribution of traffic information to various mediums, such as: website, mobile app, teletext and a unique DJ portal where traffic, speed cameras and public transport information can be read in real-time.


A simple autocue system that can be operated without a separate operator. The presenter can do everything himself.


TV Playout

A non-stop TV playout based on CasparCG with control via GML from Audisi.

Hardware for rent


Location studio

Automated audio and video system.
With this set you can switch up to 8 cameras and connect up to 6 microphones.
The cameras switch automatically based on who is talking.
Can be used for:
- Live streaming
- Video registration
- Podcasts
- Visual radio

Price per day: 1000,-
(Including live streaming, recording)
(Excluding cameras, microphones and crew)

Recent projects

Projects I've worked on recently.

Build greenscreen studio

For InfoPlaza we have created a greenscreen studio where the presenter can operate everything himself. Here is the possibility to record the weather forecast for several broadcasters or to do live presentations.

Live online congress

For EXPOMotion we held an online conference with our own portal for online visitors. This includes a chat function and an option to vote on statements.

Some companies I've worked for.


Shall we meet?

I always assume a long-term cooperation.
Let's meet to see what we can do for each other.